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    Veterinary Science – The Equine (Horse) Physical Examination

    US Grade 9 – 12
    Beginner – Intermediate Level
    **if this class schedule does not work for you for any reason please do not hesitate to reach out and I am happy to schedule at a time that we agree upon works for us both!**
    In this class I will go over what a complete physical exam looks like on a horse.  
    Learners will be free to ask questions as we go and I will ask the learners questions as well.  I will engage the with the learners during a power-point type presentation.  
    Conversation, questions and comments are encouraged.  
    There is no single physical exam "formula" so I will describe different situations where deviation from my "normal" exam might change as well. 
    Safety - for the horse, owner and veterinarian
    History taking
    Exam at a distance
    Hands on examination
    Exam in motion 
    I will provide a summary of the presentation slides for the learners. 
    There is no quiz for this course at this time.  
    There are no pre-requisites for this course