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Hi there! I am Dr. Carner, the voice and content creator behind the Legacy Veterinary Services, Handmade Vet.

The mom, wife and veterinarian

I currently reside in Flagstaff, Arizona with my wonderful husband, Justin. Together we are blessed with three amazing children. Justin supports my business ventures in the background, manages the homestead, and homeschools our kiddos. Occasionally I will take a kid or two with me in the field which means I get to substitute teach once in awhile too!

I grew up just outside of Flagstaff. Growing up I loved the outdoors and even had a couple horses, dogs and chickens. Did I ALWAYS want to be a vet? Short answer is no. I have ALWAYS loved animals however. Especially horses. During middle school and high school I was also able to meet some great mentors that introduced me to the field. To them I am grateful for their support and encouragement in the field to this day.

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While I grew up in Flagstaff, I had the wonderful opportunity of establishing my own mobile veterinary practice in Wittmann, Arizona in 2017. This was of course after graduating with a degree in animal sciences from the University of Arizona, and then completing vet school from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine (in Pomona, CA).

The veterinarian moves…

In the summer of 2023 my family and I made the decision to move back to my hometown. This decision was to be closer to family and focus on my passions more specifically. While I loved my position in Wittmann, I realized that I really needed time to focus on my family (both immediate and extended). There were of course more reasons that prompted the move. We also were in dire need of more space as I continued to accumulate animals and hobbies.

Where I am now…the handmade vet

I am absolutely loving Flagstaff and getting to spend time with the family. We have big plans for animals, gardening and making handmade products from natural ingredients (some of which I will post for sale on this website!). We currently own horses, a donkey, cows, goats, chickens and dogs. It feels like I am missing something in that list, but I will leave it at that for now–

At this time I am providing local veterinary services in Flagstaff and the surrounding areas. I am also scheduling once a week appointments in Wittmann, AZ and the surrounding areas for my established clients.

I am also working on this website! I have always had a little bit of a creative side. I have recently been applying this more diligently to my work. I love that I can use those skills to both spend time with my kids but also help my patients. My kids and I work together on many of the handmade therapies that we sell. Many of these we use for ourselves or our own animals also!

Take a look at some of the services I currently offer here, and visit my online store here and my Etsy store here.

Stay tuned as I continue to add to my blog weekly with simple advice from personal experiences and handmade therapies!